So many have asked about Truddi and  "The Troops" work that I created this website to share with you her last work. Truddi passed away March 10, 2010 before her latest book was published. It is with passion that I complete the journey that Truddi started. My HOPE is that you will embrace her life and life stories and find "YOUR VOICE" through your journey.

February 22, 2015 Truddi's Birthday


So today I am not only celebrating what would have been my mother’s 80th birthday, I am celebrating her incredible life. For those that knew her personally, you understand that Truddi had an uncanny knack for wrapping presents, making sure that each fold of paper and curl of ribbon was “just so.” When you received a present from my mother, you knew that she had taken great care to wrap it just for you. The wrapping itself was artwork and you treasured it as much, if not more, than the actual gift.


My mother always made each holiday so special and could make you feel like your Easter Basket held a Limoges Egg instead of a Cadbury Chocolate Egg. While we can never truly repay our parents for all that they may have given us, I have spent the last 6+ years, wrapping this special gift just for Truddi. Even though I cannot place it in her hands, or see the expression on her face, I can feel the excitement of her knowing that her story is being shared around the world.


As I send this message out, I am waiting for notification that I have crossed all T’s and dotted all i’s for Creature of Habit, A Journey. As soon as that happens I will be able to share Truddi’s last book with you. You are going to love it, the artwork is breathtaking, as is the story, and you will each get to share in that feeling of a perfectly curled ribbon on a package wrapped just for you.



July 29, 2013 Truddi Chase Website almost complete!

Melody and I worked on the cover for Creature of Habit, A Journey and the website is almost ready to be launched. Found an amazing picture of the Cliffs of Moher, in Ireland for the background. I truly think Truddi would have approved of both.

April 29, 2013 Real work begins on Creature of Habit

I have spent the past two years working on getting Creature of Habit, A Journey in a format for publication. I joined the Rehoboth Beach Writer's Guild to build insight on how one even goes about these things. I contacted Penguin, who published When Rabbit Howls, and found myself chasing my own tail trying to get this beautiful book into the hands of someone who could help me fulfill my mother's dream. Anytime someone asked me what I needed or what I was working on, I would tell them about Creature of Habit, A Journey, and hope they would give me a name, a phone number or just a tiny inkling as to how I should proceed. Today I was given more than an inkling, I was given a HUGE GIFT! Melody, I hope you know what you have bit off and how GRATEFUL I am!

December 25, 2012 Rebecca McCormick


While I did not learn of her passing until July of 2013, I was just as devastaed as if I had heard the news on Christmas day. Rebecca was an instrumental part of my mother getting When Rabbit Howls edited and published and could quote Creature of Habit verbatum. She was trying to help me with edits for Creature but left this world before we could see it to final publication.

October 6, 2010 Oprah Winfrey Interview


My interview with Oprah aired, what a mess I was. You wouldn't know it because she has such great editors. Just a few months after Truddi's passing, I was asked to share her story. I had not yet truly grieved for my loss and the combination of many factors left me smack dab in the middle of the perfect storm of emotions.

March 20, 2010 Truddi's Life Celebration

It has never been easy for me to speak publicly, now I find myself having to speak about my mother in the past tense. I knew she would want all of us to laugh, drink, and tell wonderful stories so I wrote this to share at her Life Celebration:


There is no sadness here today; only a celebration of life, love & laughter.

Truddi is a survivor from the word go & she showed the world what that meant.

She touched each of us deeply & cared unconditionally for creature’s great & small.

I think each of us can look back and recall a Truddi story or two that will forever make us smile.

Please raise your glasses and join me in toasting this incredible woman; always carry those stories with you and share them with others and know that by sharing these stories, she will live in our hearts forever.


March 10, 2010 Truddi Chase

My mother brought me into this world on a Wednesday and she passed into the non-physical realm on Wednesday, March 10, 2010. She left behind many friends and supporters. 


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