"The Troops For Truddi Chase"

The Creature of Habit  -  A Journey is about discovering ones path to emotional freedom from the trauma of abuses. Wherever our wounds have come from and however deep there is HOPE. The creature of habits journey is brought full circle when he finally learns he has a voice and to "cry" is an emotion not to be denied.


Physical and Emotional pain can leave tattooed scars that will never go away; but once  emotions are discovered and fear that binds are overcome there is infinite possibility, there is HOPE.

Creature is a "Lion King for adults." In that it deals with the less-romanticized and less talked about actuality --that those "circles" of ones life can also be very brutal. 

Rebecca McCormick, Literary Agent


Once you begin "the journey" it is difficult to put this book down! The illustrations alone are 

worth the price of the book!

Melody A. Diaz, Print Specialist and Graphic Designer




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